Hedge Trimming Tauranga

We can take care of all your garden hedge trimming or pruning. Whether it is one-off or regular hedge trimming maintenance. From decorative, boundary or fence line hedges to pruning small trees and shrubs. We have the tools and equipment to do the job safely and professionally. 

Lots of our homes, gardens, lawns and driveways are lined with some kind of hedging. Hedges help to reduce noise, wind, increase privacy and make your property and spaces look better. The key to a thick, lush good looking hedge is regular maintenance and trimming. Most hedges will be fine with a trim every 6 months. 

Maintaining your hedge without the correct equipment can be hazardous, often requiring ladders and specialist hedge trimming equipment. Fortunately we can help with all hedge trimming Tauranga.

We have all the hedge trimming equipment necessary to get any overgrown hedge back to its former glory. We will trim your hedge and take away the clippings, leaving your property looking clean and tidy. Contact us below for a free quote.