Lawn Mowing Tauranga Wide

Regular lawn mowing keeps your grass healthy and looking Its best. We can provide you with one-off or regular lawn care maintenance.  A one-off mow before new tenants move in, before your property inspection or before the mother in law arrives, keep on top of things while you're away enjoying a holiday or a regular lawn care and gardening service to meet your needs weekly or fortnightly as required. We can help with outdoor garden services and lawn mowing Tauranga wide

We make it easy and affordable to have a great looking lawn that will be the envy of the neighbours. Offering lawn mowing services on a regular weekly or fortnightly basis. We will customise a lawn care service for you that meets your requirements. 

Make sure to contact us for a free, no obligation quote for all lawn mowing Tauranga wide


Catching is our most popular lawn mowing option as it leaves a great clean finish. No clippings are left on the lawn and removed clippings can be used elsewhere for composting. Catching does take a little bit longer than mulching to remove the cuttings and clear the catcher. 

For a small extra cost we can also remove the clippings for disposal. 


Mulching is what we use on tougher more difficult grass species like Kikuya. The advantages are that it leaves the cuttings so all the nutrients are fed back into the lawn as compost along with being quicker which allows it to work out cheaper than catching.


All lawns are quoted on a per cut basis, as all lawns are different we will come take a quick look and provide you with an upfront no obligation free quote. 

Price is determined by a few factors , the size of the lawn, obstacles we will have to work around, length of the grass and how regularly we are providing the service. 

Upon acceptance of a quote all new clients or one off jobs are expected to pay upfront. 


Weather plays a big part in how quickly your grass will grow and how often it will need to be cut. 

Spring, Summer and Autumn provide perfect growing conditions for grass and over these seasons we suggest more regular lawn care maintenance but over Winter we will probably visit less regularly. This is because over the colder, wetter months grass can go dormant and the grounds can become wet and muddy. Over the faster growing seasons we will time our visits with weather conditions in mind.