Garden Mulch Tauranga

Garden mulch has so many benefits that it would almost be silly not to use it on your gardens. It retains moisture, suppresses weed growth, and provides nutrients - all while making your garden look great!

Garden mulch is a vital part of regulating the amount of moisture in your garden’s soil. It is particularly important during the drier parts of the year. Garden mulch can be made from a variety of materials including wood chips, saw dust, bark, compost, and lawn clippings amongst other things and is great for shrubs, trees, gardens and plant beds, it helps to maintain moisture in the soil and it looks great to! 

Since garden mulch is made from organic materials it will break down, its always a good idea to plan on replenishing every couple of years. Make sure to remove any built up old mulch before you apply any new mulch to your garden. This will help maintain the health of your soil below.

A great benefit of garden mulch is the ability to instantly improve the look of your garden. Dark mulch enhances the bright colour of your flowers.

We can supply and install mulch to meet your garden requirements. 


Got a space you want planted out? Hate digging holes? No worries! Leave it to us. 

Natives, fruit trees, flowers, hedges, veggies or shrubs we can do it all.