Native Revegetation Planting Bay of Plenty

Want to create a natural, native environment on your property? We can provide and plant high quality native revegetation with the goal to recreate a natural, native setting to match the surrounding environment. Once planted we offer maintenance, weed and pest control services for your stunning new native brush setting.

Why Plant?

Replanting native vegetation is a great way to improve the Bay of Plenty's biodiversity and natural environment. Revegetation planting provides a range of benefits, including increasing native biodiversity, creating habitat for wildlife such as insects, frogs, reptiles and birds, enhancing water quality and landscapes and providing a great sense of place and New Zealand identity.

Revegetation planting can also be a requirement of a resource consent, to remedy or mitigate the adverse effects of a proposed activity. 

Contact us

Get in touch with us if you have an area or wetland you would like to see returned to a natural native environment. We can make an assessment and provide some suggestions and pricing options to suit your location and needs.